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1950s Cat Eye Glasses

Get your 5 for $50 today on amazon. This 1950s wood-paneled 3d cat eye glasses set comes with a fins wownos original paper case. These frames are the perfect addition to any outfit, and they look great with any outfit.

With Accents
Decorative No Glass Female

1950's Universal Aluminum Cat Eye

By Universal Aluminum


New Old Stock Mint Condition

Lot of 3 1950s French

By Unbranded


Frames W Rhinestones So Cute 1950s 1960s
Eyeglasses Sunglasses Frame France With Rhinestones
Vintage 1950's /60's Bausch & Lomb Cat-Eye Glasses W/ Case!

Vintage 1950's /60's Bausch &

By Bausch + Lomb


Cheap 1950s Cat Eye Glasses

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Top 10 1950s Cat Eye Glasses

These vintage cat eye glasses are in great condition and are perfect for a nostalgic look at old fashion seenedgear. The gold filled ornate design gives them a modern touch and making them a perfect addition to any look. They're a great addition to any look! the 1950s were a time of great change and transformation for society. This period saw a rise in culture and daily life, as well as a loss of some of the status quo advantages that had been enjoyed in previous years. One of the most significant aspects of the1950s was the advent of sunglasses, which were in high demand due to the extreme weather conditions that were experienced. The lenses of the sunglasses were important features, with the sunglasses having a variety of different eye-catching diamond shapes. The eyeglasses were worn by people of all ages and backgrounds, and could be used for both professional and personal reasons. looking for a 1950s-style cat eye glasses? these glasses are a good value and a good investment! They are also comfortable and, as always, stylish.